The Lagoon,
a magical place made of silent landscapes full of surprises,
where time seems to have stopped,
is waiting you for an unforgettable experience

Cannaregio canal
Roman path in Altino - Author: Cervellin
Egret hunting on the Venice lagoon.


Ca’ Bonfadini is located in the Cannaregio district, one of the most authentic and lively districts of the city.


As a visible track of its commercial vocation, the district has plenty of shops and is crossed by the canal once known as Canal Regio, one of the navigation routes that opens towards the lagoon.


The lagoon harmoniously embraces the city containing small treasures, to be discovered by following little-known itineraries.

A short journey to be seduced by the variety of landscapes that never cease to amaze you: breathe the scent of the vineyards of the island of Mazzorbo, enjoy the colors of the nature of the island of Sant’ Erasmo, known as “vegetable garden of Venice”, and pay a visit to the convent of the friars of the island of S. Francesco del Deserto.


Or also take a stroll in the site of Altino, among archaeological finds from the Roman era.


The islands, an area where human ingenuity and skill have been expressed in their highest, are an integral part of a unique ecosystem founded on the fluent and constant dialogue between nature and man.


Such is the value of this ecosystem, which UNESCO has recognized as a World Heritage Site.


In the lagoon, towards Chioggia, there is also the natural oasis of Valle Averto, that protects an ancient fishing valley.


A treasure that hosts different habitats, freshwater and saltwater basins, a rich and varied flora, and magnificent birds that nest here.






A maze of paths crosses waterways lulling you by the rocking of traditional flat-bottomed boats, and slowly advancing through the vegetation where ibises and herons graze the reeds with elegant movements.

The silence is broken only by birdsong and by the light lapping of boats.

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