What more exclusive experience than a private aperitif
on top of a 15th century monument,
with a view of the Basilica and the bell tower of San Marco?

The Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo
Vertical view of the spiral staircase
The Belvedere terrace - credits: @leonardvonbibra
View of the San Marco Cathedral and Bell Tower from the Belvedere terrace.

The Scala Contarini del Bovolo is one of the jewels that make Venice unique.


The imposing spiral staircase, an example of late Gothic architecture in which the first suggestions of Renaissance taste begin to appear, is part of Palazzo Contarini, property of one of the most powerful noble families of Venice during the Serenissima Republic, which also boasts a Doge among its descendants.


In the fifteenth century Pietro Contarini decided to embellish the family home with this prestigious work, a way to emphasize the importance of the palace that, although not overlooking the Grand Canal, is located in a privileged position, between Piazza San Marco, the political center of the city, and Rialto, the economic heart of the city.


The name is linked to the dialectal meaning of the word bovolo: spiral staircase, in fact.


What is striking is the overall lightness: the presence of the loggias almost seems to create a lace that delicately wraps the cylindrical structure, an impalpable design that also becomes a connecting element between the tower and the palace.



To its guests Cà Bonfadini offers the opportunity to live a unique experience: through the conciergerie it is possible to reserve an aperitif on the Belvedere of the Scala Contarini del Bovolo.


The Belvedere terrace is the perfect place for a romantic moment or a particularly exclusive business event, to be enjoyed even on warm autumn days.



From the top of the staircase the view is in fact priceless: not far away you can see the domes of the Basilica of San Marco, flanked by the Campanile.


Looking out over the Rio di San Luca, one discovers an unusual Venice, where the water canals fade into the background and the city is transformed into a dense web of roofs, domes and small windows.


The beauty of the landscape is combined with the excellence of an impeccable service, perfect in every detail.


The prestige of the noblest Venice thus returns to its splendor, offering once again the excitement of a city that never ceases to surprise.

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