Celebrated by historians such as Sansovino and artists such as Palladio,
the so-called ”Terrazzo alla Veneziana" floor can also be admired at Ca' Bonfadini,
restored to its former glory.

Those who want to breathe the artistic history of Venice should not miss the opportunity to stay in the historic residence of Ca’ Bonfadini.

The noble palace, built during the 17th century by the Bonfadini family and subsequently acquired by the Vivante family, preserves some of the most interesting artistic and historical evidences of the lagoon city.


Famous for its frescoes and stuccoes, Ca’ Bonfadini is also appreciated for its characteristic floor, which also contains a mosaic that dates back to the mid-17th century.


The technique, which today is known as “Terrazzo alla Veneziana“, finds its origins in Roman times (but at that time it was a simple mixture of bindings of ground terracotta with lime).

This technique, which has been handed down over the centuries, reached its peak in Venice thanks to a series of handicrafts in which the technique was improved until it reached the level of refinement that has made it famous.

In the 16th century, the historian Francesco Sansovino described them in one of his books as “materia vaghissima all’occhio et polita“, while Andrea Palladio described them in these terms: “eccellenti i terrazzi come si usa in Venetia“.



In the restoration of the historic building, which began in the 1990s and continued in 2018-2019 under the guidance of the Superintendence of Fine Arts, particular attention was also paid to restoring the floors.


Wherever possible, the restoration work recovered the original floors, such as the mosaic with the eagle and peach blossoms.

Commissioned by the Bonfadini family to celebrate their immortality; guests can admire it in the frescoed Deluxe Suite known as the “Suite of the Bride and Groom”.



Where the conditions did not allow this kind of restoration, a floor was crafted and installed using modern techniques, yet in full respect of the history of the city’s tradition.


The light colours of the floor reflect the light entering through the large windows overlooking the canal, in a perfect harmony with the architecture and décor of the historic palazzo.


A tribute to the timeless beauty of Venice.

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