First rule for excellent cuisine: the quality of the locally sourced food.
At Dama restaurant of Cà Bonfadini, the offer respects
the best that Venice lagoon has to offer.

Spaghetti with garlic, oil, chilli, hazelnut milk and clams
Dining hall at Dama
Rialto's fish market
Trabucco -fishing station - in Sottomarina di Chioggia
Eel cappelletti, sea fois gras and beetroot
Comacchio valleys

A lot of attention is paid to the quality of the locally sourced food, which must be indisputable, in the kitchen of the Cà Bonfadini restaurant “Dama”; as well as the seasonality of the products and the curiosity towards local history and traditions.

A curiosity that turns into inspiration, never a slavish reply.


According to the daily finds at the fish market, the chef creates an emotional path based on the lagoon.

Alongside some certainties, guests can taste less known but typical fish of the lagoon area, real delicacies that the chef’s skill enhances, to the delight of even the most sophisticated palates.


The journey from the Chef’s kitchen leads us back to the fish market and further back directly to the lagoon, where traditional fishing is accompanied by trabucchi.

Born as alternatives to traditional fishing, they are real stilt houses that allow you to catch fish that move along the coasts.

The offer of native species of the lagoon is thus enriched with that of species in transit or that choose the lagoon to grow their young, such as sea bream.


The lagoon, and in particular the Comacchio Valleys, are also the natural habitat of eels as well as a breeding ground for clams and scallops, molluscs of the scallop family, and crustaceans.


From the end of February, after the rigors of winter, the Lagoon is home to cuttlefish, which enter here to lay their eggs.


A variety that is celebrated on the menu through the Chef’s “instinctive cuisine”, a reinterpretation full of emotions, based on the mixture of extemporaneous flavors combined with wisdom.

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