Il Vivante restaurant sums up the cosmopolitan vocation
of the city through a simple and refined proposal,
that enhances the excellence of the ingredients.

Collection of fresh seafood stored on ice



A pleasure not only for your palate, but also for your eyes: talent and creativity find their own expression in the preparation of food and in the harmonious composition of courses.



Small works of art to be savored fully, revealing the peculiarities of each element.







A scent that will whet your appetite, and colours that will rejuvenate your spirit.


The quality of land and sea raw materials of the menu is the starting point to a journey to the most famous courses of Italian and international tradition.






Starting from a classic course of the Mediterranean summer as salad made of tomato, mozzarella cheese, olives, and basil-flavored extra virgin olive oil, up to a tribute to Nordic cuisine: bread crostini with butter and smoked salmon.



The old-stand flavors of Venice tradition, such as rice with prosecco and stewed cod, take turn with lasagna alla bolognese or spaghetti in seafood soup, reinvented from a modern perspective with particular care to the lightness and the balance of nutrients.




The menu also includes delicious quick meals, such as burgers or octopus morsel balls with potatoes and vegetables, as a tribute to a Venetian habit: “cicchetti“, small tastings to be enjoyed sitting by the water on the Cannaregio canal.


The perfect way to toast to Beauty.

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