Let the celebrations begin

Through streets illuminated by Christmas lights and exclusive events
such as New Year's Eve at the Gran Teatro La Fenice, the charm of Venice is renewed at every step.

Christmas decorations under the arcades of Piazza San Marco, St. Mark's Square, Venice. (selective focus)
Colorful Murano Glass Baubles Decoration
Stage door and surroundings of Venice's Opera house, La Fenice. Shot at night.
Gran Teatro La Fenice - credits: Giusi Borrasi
dettaglio del Palco Reale - credits Pietro Tessarin
Detail of the stuccoes
Cà Bonfadini Christmas tree
Piazza San Marco

If walking down the streets and squares of Venice always has an irresistible charm, doing it in December and during all Holiday Season means living in a dream.


The incomparable beauty of the city becomes even softer in the twilight, when the thousand lights of shop windows and decorations seem to come alive, tracing new paths and giving a different face to the buildings and to the architectural beauties you can meet on every corner.


In this time of the year more than others, you will walk with your nose up, staring at the lights of the decorations mingling with the stars of the clearest nights, in a sky you can find only during winter time.


Venice offers several activities and events in this period, but the most exclusive is certainly the New Year’s Concert which takes place at the “Gran Teatro La Fenice”.

A symbolic place of the aristocracy of the late 18th and 19th centuries, which welcomed Napoleon Bonaparte and King Vittorio Emanuele II among other important historical figures, and which shares with Ca’ Bonfadini the talent of an artist: Giuseppe Borsato.


Starting from around 1811, the bourgeois Vivante Family moved to Ca’ Bonfadini. They worked to embellish the building right away, calling the best craftsmen and artists, who took turns in the work for several years.


Among them, indeed, Giuseppe Borsato, responsible for the 1837 decoration of the royal box of the Gran Teatro La Fenice, built between 1790 and 1792 and almost destroyed in 1836 due to a fire.


At Ca’ Bonfadini, Borsato created some pictorial cycles and the splendid stuccos that the guests of the palace can still admire today.


So, what a better way to spend your holidays than by reliving the history of a family and a city, staying in the historic residence of Ca’ Bonfadini, walking through streets and squares following the Christmas lights, filling your eyes of wonder in front of the Christmas tree in Piazza San Marco, and finally attend the New Year’s Concert at the Gran Teatro La Fenice, reached by a gondola ride?


You don’t even have to close your eyes to relive the enchantment of time: in Venice magic is at home.

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