Among the most loved cocktails in the world, for a number of years the Venetian Spritz
has become one of the excellences that represents the Bel Paese,
a symbol of culture and lifestyle
in which quality rhymes with everyday life.

Glass of ice cold Spritz cocktail with slices of orange.
Venetian Spritz, with Selection and olive.
Aperol Spritz, with Aperol and orange slices.
Cà Bonfadini Spritz.

It’s difficult to accurately reconstruct the history of a drink that is part of a culture and which, precisely for this reason, boasts several variants, each legitimate.


The origin of the custom of mixing wine with sparkling water is lost in time, but it seems that the name Spritz dates back to the nineteenth century, when Veneto and part of Northern Italy were under the dominion of the Austro-Hungarian empire.


The term “spritzen” In German in fact means “spray” like that little bit of sparkling water or soda that Austrian soldiers always asked to add to their glass.

But the element that made the aperitif “The Spritz” came only after the end of the Great War, when the two ingredients are added to the one that gives that extra something: Bitter, a liqueur based on herbs, spices and orange peel, with an unmistakable bitter taste.


And so, between shades ranging from orange to amaranth depending on the type of bitter used, this incredible aperitif was born.


Cà Bonfadini proposes an original interpretation of it, according to the most ancient cosmopolitan tradition of Venice, which leads to welcoming novelties and distant worlds, merging them with its own history.

The Cà Bonfadini Spritz opens with the sparkling freshness of mint, basil and soda, to feel the joie the vivre also on the palate. A liveliness that then leaves space to the delicate aroma and slightly sour taste of lime that recalls the scents of distant countries, and the sweetness just evoked by Saint Germain, a delicate elderflower liqueur.

A tasty experience that ends with a touch of the territory, thanks to Prosecco Superiore with fruity and floral scents.


A hymn to tradition, with an eye always open to the world.

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